Can lightburn bridge work on its own

I have no router or internet. Just wifi on my laptop.
I had it working at my old shop with the Internet.
But now I can’t seem to connect at the new place with no internet or router. bridge does show on my laptop’s wifi but does not what to connect to lightburn. I’m hopping its just an IP setting

The way the Bridge works requires a WiFi router. It doesn’t need Internet, however. Theoretically it could be designed to allow a direct WiFi connection but I don’t believe that’s an option. That’s actually the way you first connect to Bridge to configure it but then switches over to your primary Access Point for normal run.

@adammhaile Please correct me if I’m wrong on this.

OK thanks. I do still have the old router I’ll try working with that.

you would think it would have
Wi-Fi Direct
I sent files to my laser for a few weeks at the new shop with no router or modem. It just stop working Like an IP change maybe crazy. anyway I will keep trying

Wait, so this was working without a router for a while? I can’t imagine how but that’s an interesting data point.

I’m hoping I’m wrong and this is actually an available feature.

Not at this time, no - it only works by connecting to an existing WiFi network. There is no direct connect option. Probably doable but we didn’t see a demand for it at the time.
If you’d like the feature @Jdee22 , please submit a request to the feature suggestions site.

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Yes for a week or more. When I connected a hot spot with my phone I lost the connection. When I reconnected to bridge the software could not see the bridge. Going to try searching the Ip addresses my PC can see.

Can you describe the network situation that you had at the old place?

Is your new place in proximity to the old place?

No, we are not close. I think my business partner had the old router plugged in somewhere in the shop. He said it was not but something is not making sense. I plugged in the old router this morning and reset it. then turned on the WIFI and I am up and running. and yes no internet.
needed. I still think we sent some files without it. but I’m not the only one at the shop so I can,t say for sure. anyway, thanks for all the help. I got hooked back up fast with the old router,

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Excellent. Glad you got it sorted.

Love the lightburn software. and community thanks again.

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