Can LightBurn operate with only 8GB of memory?

Can LightBurn operate with only 8GB of memory if no other programs are running except maybe a email program? Would running 8GB restrict the file size that can be sent to the laser?

I ran on 8GB for a long time with no apparent limitations and even had other programs running concurrently. This was on an old Mac Pro. I’ve also run LightBurn on a 1GB Raspberry Pi. While slow to launch, it ran well. I suspect you’ll not run into too much memory based limitations at 8GB especially if you’re not running other programs.

Likely not in any practical way.


I do agree with @berainlb regarding both of Your questions.

Unlike the xTool XCS for example that requires i5 6300 & 8GB or something along those lines minimum and won’t run -hardly even idles- on my Hp 225 G4 with 8GB, LB uses just a few percent of the memory capacity.
The percentages are similar for any other resources for that matter, so it is very light program resource requirementwise.

LB is IMO/IME very efficient, but just as any computer program that requires a specific OS to run on top of, has its limitations regarding the age and type of OS.
On Win side it is IIRC Win7, so LB most likely won’t run on earlier OS versions.
Probably runs on older computers if one uses Linux OS though, so almost any reasonably old tabletop or laptop can be tailored and repurposed for LB use.


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Thank you for your reply’s. Looking to buy a less expensive laptop to run LB. Just have to pay attention on the OS requirements and such.

The main situation that you would want additional memory would be for a galvo laser, as that type of laser has the ability to output a huge amount of data, and that is stored in RAM. For most people, 8-16gb is plenty.

Thanks Colin!

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