Can LightBurn send in 9600 baud?

My Keyestudio GRBL seems to work only in 9600 baud but the least speed in the Device Settings menu for GRBL is 115,200.
It works for a fraction of a second…the stepper motor micro moves and stops.
I found with GRBL Controller software that 9600 bauds works well. Any other higher setting will not.

The performance at 9600 baud would be quite terrible unless you were only doing simple cuts. Image engraving would be impossible. Are you sure that’s the only supported baud rate for that machine?

So I should try to fix the 9600 issue first.

It would be simple enough for me to add that as a supported rate, but I don’t think the performance would be very good unless you were only doing simple cuts.

9600 baud is 960 characters per second. A typical GCode command is G1 X0.2 S250. Including the carriage return, that’s 14 characters, which would mean you’d have an average of about 63 commands of that length you could send per second.

If trying to engrave an image at 254dpi, 50mm/sec, you’d need to send 500 commands per second. If you were cutting simple boxes, or lines with rounded corners, 9600 would probably be ok, but for images there’s no way it would keep up. Are you planning to just cut, or also engrave images? If you want to do images you’d need to solve the baud issue anyway.

Found someone else who has my same cnc board and fixed it with grbl ver. 1.1
Will try tomorrow. 115,200.

Good news. It worked fine @115200 baud. It’s a chinese Arduino Uno based CNC Laser card using GRBL ver 1.1 . Keyestudio brand. It works great with LightBurn. I’m really pleased.
My only “solvable” problem missing is that since my homing X and Y limits switches are left & down , ($23=3) now the 0,0 origin went right & up and I am not sure how to solve that yet.

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