Can LightBurn support Mack 4 controller

Hey so I’m looking at getting Mack 3 or 4 controller and was wondering if LightBurn supports it? I ask because I don’t see it in y’all description, nor could I find it in the forum, any help would be greatly appreciated :blush:

Search returned this for me:

So I would be forced to buy different software? :weary:

Sorry but, as that post identifies…

Ya well thanks for the quick response

Mach doesn’t play nice with other software - it is the controller, and just sends step and direction signals to whatever is plugged into it. There are some boards, like SmoothStepper, that do a bit more of their own work, but Mach still manages all the stuff that would normally be handled by a controller. You can export GCode from LightBurn and load it into Mach, but Mach won’t let other software drive it directly as far as I know.

Oh ok, I’m going to be building me a little bigger CnC but with a forth axis and was looking for something reliable, but still wanted to be able to use LightBurn which is why I’m asking. Thanks again

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