Can Lightburn work with Chromebook and Ortur Pro 2

I bought a new Chromebook and I went to Linux and typed in “name -a” as I saw in a previous post. It reads “Linux penquin 5.4.157-17185-gbd27b903c738 #1 SMP PREEMT sat Jan 1 19:17:16 PST 2 022 aarch64 GNU/Linux”.Can this iPad run an Ortur Pro 2 laser?

I apologize, I meant Chromebook.

Ortur Pro 2 is supported and many people on here use that laser. Chromebook is not officially supported but there are some on here using the Linux version fine on Chromebook x64 with Linux mode enabled.

Looks like you’re on an ARM based machine which would complicate this. There is no ARM build of LightBurn although there are plenty of people using LightBurn on M1 Macs. You could attempt x64 emulation to try to get this to run but you’d be firmly in “zero to no vocal people attempting this” territory.

I for one would love to see you get it working. People have been asking for a Raspberry Pi capable build for a while.

Thank you for your prompt response