Can my 2.8W diode laser engrave glass - no But

Of course it can’t BUT after experimenting I did get a result that I wasn’t expecting.


Wow, Care to share your settings?

Beautiful! Nicely executed.

For my laser I used 1500 mm/min, 90% power, 204 DPI and imaged mode was Jarvis, but the trick was to put some black card under the glass, the laser did not engrave the top of the glass but burnt the image on to the card and lightly etched the under side of the glass. I simply placed some plain white paper behind the glass after it was finished and was amazed by the result


I use the Norton white tile method
Spray the glass with flat white paint
Focus and ethch on painted surface
The paint fuses to glass/tile
Remove all paint…


That is cracking…

… Did you just use the glass from the frame?

yes cheap frame from dollar store
These ones I painted from etched backside …then sprayed metallic silver on back


Great work Bulldog… :+1:

This is stunning :grin:

Bulldog your artistic work makes me think i should sell my laser and buy from u. Absolutely amazing work.