Can not get account active

when i went to(welcome to lightburn software form and click hear to activate your account this is what happen) Sorry, this account confirmation link is no longer valid. Perhaps your account is already active?

account is not active


Where are you trying to activate an account? By that I mean which web site address? And for which reason?

I ask the specific questions because the website you purchase from does not have any requirement to make an account, so you likely didn’t make one there, and you appear to have a working account here on the forum, so I’m just making sure I understand where you’re trying to go, and what you need.

when i open license page,still on trial and no license keys to activate

Have you purchased a key from us? If so, you’d enter the license key in the box in the middle and click ‘Activate’.

If not, you’d purchase the software from our online store, and the key will be delivered by email.

as of 3/30/21 still no keys by email 18 day on trail left pleas send keys or do in need to contact paypal
make a compnaint about lighburn

In looking into our systems, this order was processed and a key was sent to the email address you used when you purchased. (Hint: Search all email including the spam and promotional folders, for LightBurn License Key.

I have triggered a resend of our original order messaging without bouncing, so please check again now.

i did look at all email can you resend to i have two email account resend .

I have changed the master email address as requested and resent to the new email. Please look there. If you continue to have issues with receiving your key, please start a ticket by sending an email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and include a link to this post. We can help sort there where we are not sharing your key in public.

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