Can OLM3 be set to User Origin or is it locked in to Absolute Coords

Can the Ortur OLM3 be set to User Origin or is it locked in to Absolute Coords only?

All “Start From” modes should work with OLM3.

Is there something you’re seeing that’s making you question this?

I just have had no luck in using the User Origin. On my YoraHome I can jog the laser to where I want to start, such as the middle of a round, pick the start position, hit the fire button and start engraving. I will try again this morning. I am most likely missing a simple step but so far I have not found it yet. :thinking: :upside_down_face:

What are you doing here exactly? Is this job origin? Or possibly Set Shape Start Point?

If you were referring to job origin this workflow sounds like you want to use Current Position.

YEP. Knew I was doing something dumb and I was. .Needed to use the Current Position, NOT the User Origin. :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :hot_face: Life is good again.

Thank you for the reply’s!!

Any of the ‘Start From’ modes will work.

  • Absolute Coords puts the work on the machine exactly where you draw it in the workspace in LightBurn

  • Current Position starts the job wherever the laser is already, using the green square in LightBurn to represent the laser head at the start of the job

  • User Origin requires that you jog the laser to a position and press the ‘Set Origin’ button in LightBurn. LightBurn remembers that point, then jogs the laser there first when the job is started. From there, it works a lot like ‘Current Position’ mode (but it jogs to that remembered spot first)

Thanks, Oz. I just had a brain fart, which seems to happen more often as I grow older!! :rofl: Just kept thinking it was User Origin I used with my YoraHome 6550 but it was Current Position instead. Once I figured that out my OLM3 started working the way I wanted/needed it to.