Can Solid polypropylene be engraved with a 10 watt diode laser

My wife picked up a “Loud Cup” and would like it engraved. It is made with “Solid polypropylene”. Can this be engraved with my Ortur 10 watt diode laser(also have a Ortur 20 watt diode)?

Thanks, Duane

I would expect polypropylene to melt rather than ‘engrave’.

Sort of my thinking also, but, wanted to reach out for opinions. Thank you, Sir!

You’re welcome. I’m sure others with some actual experience with PP will be along soon with more definitive answers.

Too bad you don’t have some to experiment on. I “engrave” clear sport water bottles using Dry Erase and lower power. It does the “melt engrave” pretty good, looking a lot like glass engraving.

I do have some to experiment on. Dry Erase. Like dry erase markers? I am using a Ortur 10 watt diode. When you say low power what is that with your laser? Also, what speed? Thanks for you reply!

Exactly, black.

All were transparent plastic, 10w laser (output), max air assist:
2200mm/m @ 30% power (clear with marker)
3000mm/m @ 25% power (smoke black, no marker)

What you are trying to get is a shallow puddle with very little raised plastic around the text or image. Too much heat will give a smear effect.

Ok. I’ll get some ordered up. Thank you again for your reply!!!


Hi, Mike. Wanted to thank you, I got the Dry Erase and it worked on the wife’s cup. Had to play around with power & speed but ended up with a decent burn. As you can see it still needs a little fine tuning but my wife loves it(even likes the black around the letters).

Happy wife, happy life!!!

To clean it up, I use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge. It does a good job of cleaning at the edges of the burn.

Yup. That’s what I use also along with LA.