Can someone help me out?

I recently upgraded my Neje 7w to an Ortur LM2 20w. I watched a ton of Youtube videos and it seems everyone is using light burn.I decided I’d give it a try. I downloaded the try B4 buy, things happen and B4 I knew the 30 days had passed. I purchased it. Now the trouble: I have somehow deleted the boxes to right of the grid where you set the layers and turn on the laser and all other number of things. HELP, how do I get them back? Please make the fix simple I tend to be at times technology challenged.

Thank you all in advance.

You can find it here:

…and “reset to default” in the same menu is also very useful.

We also provide that if you hold Shift when launching LightBurn, all windows and their position are reset, so that can be helpful as well.

Have a look at this video, dated, yet content concepts remain the same, as it shows how you can customize the LightBurn layout to best serve your desired workflow.

Thank you guys. I was getting so flustered I was ready to chuck it all.

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