Can’t get laser to pulse fire on control pad. 0.9.22 issue?

I upgraded LB to 0.9.22 and i can’t get my laser to pulse fire on control pad.

When you say control pad, do you mean from the HMI (the screen and control buttons on the machine)? Lightburn will have no affect on the operation of the machine directly through the HMI (such as the pulse button).

Yes the panel on machine. When aligning mirrors the pulse button used to work. But after upgrade i have raised minimum power to 15 and still want pulse.

Your Ruida controlled machine will work independently without a PC connected to it. The pulse key not pulsing the laser is not a software related issue, but let’s figure out what’s going on.

Which Ruida controller do you have on your machine? If you aren’t sure of the model number, snap a picture of your control panel and the the controller under the side panel if you’re comfortable with doing that.

The controller is RDC6445G(EC)

The first things to check for in your controller configuration:

  • Laser Type - Glass Tube, RF w/o pre-ignition, or RF pre-ignition
  • Laser PWM frequency is set to 20Khz

Then check for the following

  • Door protection fault
  • Water protection fault
  • Laser PSU is on
  • E Stop is not pressed

STROONZO, i checked all those suggestions and it still did not pulse fire. i rest laser and it started working.
thanks for your input

RATTRAP, I have no idea what this means.

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