Can’t Reply to Posts

This forum is telling me that I can no longer reply to support posts because I have exceeded some daily maximum. This is ridiculous as we WERE attempting to understand an issue with the latest release. Now I can’t reply to anyone and have to post a new topic. This is beyond belief!

I’ve bumped you up a level - it’s just to try to prevent spam.

And I merged the other two topics together to keep it tidy.

Ok, thanks.

To answer your question, it would be great if LightBurn could directly control my StepCraft, but that is apparently is not going to happen. So I use the g-code it produces and modify it for UCCNC.

The original issue is that the new version has included a “Bounds” comment that UCCNC is somehow interpreting and fouling up the job origin setting.

As I said I can remove the line and all is good, but you might want to test with UCCNC yourself to understand the incompatibility with a widely used application.

Another member suggests that StepCraft uses ( )'s as comment delimiters, not ;'s, so it might just be that.

Alright, good to know. Thanks.

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