Can’t save Material library

Hi all,
Yesterday I made some changes in the material library but couldn’t save them. I can make a new library and I can load a library but I can’t safe my current Library. Before it was possible to make changes and then save them. Did I mis something?

Are you getting any error message telling you why? What steps have you taken and what happens, exactly. Which version of LightBurn and what OS? Where is that Library stored, locally, networked or cloud storage?

Hi Rick,
I’m not getting an message.
I have the latest version downloaded.
Nothing happens when i push save or save as.
The file is locally stored.

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i have the newest Version of Lightburn and the same Problem.

If you click ‘Save’ it likely is saving, just not saying anything. The Save As bug has been fixed. I’ve also just added code that will show “Material library saved.” in the status window at the bottom of the screen when the material library is saved, so you get a positive indication that it worked.

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Super Oz thanks!
Fast as lightning. Does it come with the next update?

Yes, it’ll be in there.

image and image

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