Can the machine get to home home faster?

What setting can I change, if any, to make the laser head get home faster? I have been running some projects where I am using my full extension and it is taking forever to come back home so I can reset for the next batch when I stop the job.

Also, I have noticed that my estimation times are off for preview. Are there any settings to tweak to make the preview time more accurate? I saw some settings that look like they could help but am leary of changing anything in the machine settings outputs area. Steps per mm , max travel, acceleration…



If it’s a grbl-firmware, check out parameters $24 and $25.

That’s discussed every day in this forum :slight_smile: Go to device settings, advanced tab and read settings from the controller. Be aware, that the preview can only be correct if your firmware values are realistic and the mechanics can perform accordingly.


I recommend changing just $25, Homing Seek. And be careful with this one. If you approach the switch too fast, you can overshoot the normal engage position of the switch.

The $24 parameter, Homing Feed, is the one that sets how fast it creeps off the switch and back on, then finally off. The slower this one is, the more repeatability you will get establishing the Home position.


Unless the machine is creeping, there should be no need to home between jobs. Just send the head/gantry to a convenient finish position at the end of the job. I only home at the start of the session or if I bump the machine while it’s idle or something else goes wrong. Several hours and a dozen jobs with only a single homing op.

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I cured this “bump it” problem by setting $1=255. This prevents the controller from removing power from the steppers, thus locking the gantry + trolley in position. I did learn recently not all controllers allow this parameter to perform this function.

Sorry for the delay. Thanks to everyone who helped chime in. I will try to implement something this weekend and report back.

Read from the controller worked like a charm. Times are now pretty much spot on! Thanks,

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Hey normally this is not like an issue like you say when running jobs. In my case it was using some scrap material and setting up some jigs that I had on my old machine so things were a little off and since it was on the on an old template I could see the issue only aftter it was like halfway across my workspace bed so making it come back to home was a pain. I am running an extension on my laser so the creepying back to home was getting annoying.

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