Can the trial version cut through timber

I have just bought my first laser and I have been trying the trial version of LightBurn but cannot get it to cut out a clipart object. Is this because it is the trial version or am I missing something?

Trial software is complete and fully functional, maybe you are missing something

Chances are your settings are not sufficient to cut.
Is it etching anything at all into the material?

You have to realize we know nothing about what you are doing and how you are doing it.

If you can’t cut through a 0.5mm thick piece of lumber that’s an issue… if it’s a 2x4 stud, that’s probably not an issue…

We know you know, but it helps if we know… :thinking:

You will have to figure out what your specific machine does. This takes trial and corrections.

You should probably ensure it’s focused properly… sometimes these get changed a bit by rough handling or transportation.

A ramp test is advised. It would ensure your focus is correct.

You machine specifies a 5W optical output.

Maybe someone with something similar can give you a starting speed/power to try.

I use a scrap piece about an inch or so in width and start slicing off strips until I get the cut setting right for that material…

When you get it, add it to your library for reference later…

Good luck … keep us updated…


I have a 5w output as well. To cut 1-3 mm material I have to run several passes depending on thickness. My settings are usually 600mm and 85% power. Run 3 or 4 passes and see how that works. I also use masking tape so the wood stays nice and clean.

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Hey, did someone say “2x4”?

What 5W laser do you own? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

As I said ‘probably not an issue’


In LaserGRBL, I can cut paper using the (line) but cannot anything else
I am trying to cut out some clipart, downloaded from the net.
I cannot cut through 3mm MDF. There is only the option given to me are (line, fill & offset fill). There is no option to cut.
Is there a setting I missed in the setup of this program?
Main Detail (off eBay site)
Newly upgraded compressed spot laser shaping technology: LATITOOL F50 adopts the latest 5W laser beam shaping technology diode laser, with an ultra-fine laser focus of 0.08mm, with super cutting penetration and precision, and the engraving & cutting speed is faster than ordinary compressed light spot is increased by 60%, it can cut 12mm thick wood, 8mm acrylic, engraved ceramic and stainless steel, which can meet your engraving and cutting needs to a greater extent.

I would appreciate any help,


There is no ‘cut’ setting. Use line and ‘engrave’ deep…

There is no difference between engraving a line and cutting a line. The power/speed have to be adjusted to accomplish that.

All of this is moot if you laser is out of focus.

Again, I’d suggest a ramp test of the laser to ensure focus.

Might give the hobby guy instructions if you are unfamiliar with the procedure.


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