Can two layers be grouped together as one for processing?

I have some graphics on separate layers to make it easier for selection and editing. The problem is, when I process, Lightburn will do the first layer, then do the second layer. This can waste a lot of time as Lightburn will traverse the entire area that needs to be etched for the first layer, then go back and do the same thing again for the second layer. Putting everything on one layer significantly reduces the processing time, but I don’t want to have to do that. I tried playing with all the switches and options on the Optimize panel, but I either haven’t found the right combination, or what I’m looking to do isn’t possible.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get two layers to process as one?


Remove the “Order by Layer” from Order by section in Optimization Settings.

I had high hopes that it could be that simple, but it didn’t work. I think perhaps I need to play with the grouping and then use that.

That should have done what you were describing but perhaps I’m missing some nuance. Removing “Order by Layer” should allow the optimizer to not consider layer ordering when determining cut path.

Can you upload a screenshot of Preview or the .lbrn file that indicates what you’re dealing with?

I’m new and so probably doing things the ‘wrong way’, but it I have moved items to new layers for editing and then put them back onto the original layer. Not a good long term solution but if you are time pressed it’s an option until you have a good solution?

You shouldn’t have to move anything to another layer to edit and then move it back when you’re done. Just edit in place. If you have a lot in view and need to select everything on an individual layer, you can do a shift-click on the layer color on the right side and everything on that layer will be selected.

In addition to Coleman’s suggestion, and to assist with selecting the things you are after, LightBurn provides several additional selection tools. :slight_smile:

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