Can we choose page on Multipage PDF?

Am I wrong or before we could open a multi-page PDF file with page selection? Just update to .23

Ok. I just installed 0.23 Critical patch (Critical patch released for 0.9.23 – LightBurn Software)and now a page selection dialog pops up. But I can only open the first page. When I choose one of the following -2,3… - nothing happens

What is the PDF content? If the 2nd and 3rd pages are just text, that is not currently supported.

Outlined text in circles - something like stamps. The 3 pages are the identical - just have different numbers in circles.

Email the PDF to and I can have a look.

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Just tried a multi-page PDF I use here for my testing, finding no issue selecting pages other than the first page and having them import correctly. As Oz suggest, sending your file to us for review would be helpful.

I can’t open multi-page pdf’s anymore either. It will only import the first page. Mine is all graphics as well. I don’t even get the page selection dialog box.

Hello again. Yesterday I forgot to write - I sent the file. Greetings

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