Can we have a different alignment picture?

The current alignment picture is a cross hair with 2 of the quarters engraved. Is there a way to add an option to not engrave? My camera is at a steeper angle and it is hard to tell where the lines cross perfectly. If it is just a simple crosshair, it would be a lot easier to see.


To be clear, you’re saying you have a hard time seeing this:

But you think this will be easier?

I can’t picture a situation where this would be true - the reason the filled areas are there is because they’re much easier to see, especially if things aren’t perfectly focused or lit.

yes, the 2nd one is what I would love to have. I find the engraved area’s depth makes it hard for me to see where it starts and end. I tried to focus my camera as much as possible, but between the slight bluriness and the engraved area not being as sharp, I have a hard time finding the center.

Can we have the 2nd one as an option? Please?

If the engraving isn’t sharp, you likely have a different problem.

The camera targets pattern is a 180mm square, centered on your page, scaled by the scale amount. If you draw a square that’s 180mm, then scaled by whatever scale you use in the camera alignment wizard, you can skip the cut and just use your square.

Hi Oz,

Can you explain this a little big more. Are you saying draw a square on the wood that is 180*1.75(my scale factor) and use the corner of the square for the calibration step?

Thank you!

Yes, exactly. It needs to be centered on the page (select it and press P) and sent to the machine with absolute coordinates.

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