Can we have Custom layers

Hi there

i was wondering can we have custom layers ? like now if i one a name and open a new file the name is still there with all the options on. i like to make a few extra where i can put in standaard settings and save them but still have the default ones there.

Maybe not the answer to your question but the best way to manage your settings.


We just had a discussion about this topic. Basically, it’s not advisable to save material settings in layers. So the material library is the way to go, as @parsec mentioned.

Though, you can mimic your behavior by turning on this option and save your desired standard settings into each layer (open the layer settings and click on “make default”). Then those should be loaded every time you start. Though, if you open a saved file, those will be overridden again, of course, but only until you close the file.

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I think this is what i need i will check it out soon thanks. did not see that one :smiley: think i was to fast when reading XD


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