Can we reset the view to 100% Zoom?

I checked the forum and documentation and don’t see this feature…maybe I’m missing it.

After zooming in on the canvas, it would be great to be able to have hotkey combinations to:

  1. Zoom to 100% - this would be the full view, like you have when you first enter LightBurn. Recentered and fully visible. In Photoshop, this is CTRL-0 (Command-0)…effectively 100% zoom
  2. Zoom to encompass all objects - [Edited for clairty] - Zoom so that all of the drawn objects are visible on the screen at once. This might be greater or less than 100% of the canvas (as some objects may position off the canvas), but it would zoom however much to allow all objects to be completely visible on the screen (very helpful for sizing objects).

Are there ways to do this with Lightburn and I just missed it? If not, is this something I should add to the “Wish List”?

These options already exist in Lightburn. The key on the left below resets the view to 100% and the key on the right zooms to either a selected object or centers on all objects on the screen if none are selected.

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Thank you Neal…I was wondering! It does work, indeed! Never mind…

Ctrl+Shift+A is a hotkey for that last button, as is middle-mouse double-click, which comes in handy.

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Thanks. I like key combinations.

And thanks for being so quick with the features…developing them before I even ask for them. Can’t beat that level of customer service! :slight_smile:

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