Can you change the direction of homing?

I am in the process of installing a Russ Sadler special on my OMTECH ZF2028-60E. As you can see in the picture the X-axis homing sensor is on the left side of the rail. With the head lowered enough to put the beam in the sweet spot on M3, the head bracket misses the sensor by the thickness of a sheet of paper (top left arrow). The Cloudray adj. mount has a tab on the right-hand side (right arrow), for the purpose of triggering the homing sensor. My question is, if I move the sensor to the right-hand end of the rail, can I get my KT332N to move to the right for homing instead of left? Looking at the vendor settings, I see that the “Direction Polarity” for the X-axis is “True” (it’s false for Y), if I change the “Direction Polarity” for X to “false”, will it home to the right? The beam is currently in alignment, and I’m getting fantastic results from the Compound Lens Kit I’ve installed (thank you Russ & Jack), but that head is a little too close (to the sensor) for comfort. The J-hook for the butterfly clip is also very close to the wiring as well (lower left arrow). If it were possible to move the sensor, and change the homing location, it would make life a lot easier.

I believe this will work as you’ve stated. My machine homes back-right. I have false on “Direction Polarity” for both axes.

But overall, you should absolutely be able to change homing direction if you relocate the sensors. But may require more than a single setting change. For example, not sure if panel key direction will automatically compensate when you change overall direction polarity. I suspect it will be fine but haven’t tried it myself.

IIRC, both the panel keys and LightBurn motions will run backwards until Invert Keypad Direction gets flipped.

But, then, I’ve consistently underestimated the weirdness of Ruida controller firmware, so this comes down to “try it and see what happens”. :person_shrugging:

That’s good, cus’ I’m a TIASWH kind of guy.

Thank you both for your input, I suspected that’s how it would work. I appreciate the heads up on “Invert Keypad Direction”, I hadn’t thought about that.