Can you delete overlapping lines for exporting?

I know it’s possible to delete overlapping lines before sending my file to the laser. This works well for me.

However, I also use lightburn to export files to use on a different machine (mostly dxf). Even though ‘delete overlapping lines’ is ticked in the optimization settings, all overlapping lines remain. Is there a way to change this?

No answers? I’m assuming it’s not possible then…

I’ve seen nothing that makes me think this is possible.

You could try a hack:

  1. select the design you want to export
  2. Edit->convert to cut (debug)
  3. This will leave you with the original and the converted cut lines
  4. The converted cut lines should reflect the deletion of the overlapping lines
  5. Export the cut lines

Note that this may leave your geometry in a bit of a funky state. At a minimum the overlapped line portion will be an open shape if it wasn’t before.

Anyway, give it a shot as you’ll quickly know if this can work for you.

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