Can you guys help me line up a corner?

I am fighting with this can’t get it to work. If you look at my file, the lower left corner isn’t straight lines from about the middle of the structure horizontally going left to right. From that corner going up a few cm you will also see a crooked line. I can’t take a screenshot, because the interaction window goes away when you hover over the bezier function. When I tried to hold the command - forward slash - plus, etc, “I”, to smooth the line, it just zooms into my drawing and I can’t do anything.

I am using an M1 mini with a Magic Mouse if that helps on Osx 13.4.1

Thanks in advance!

cardboard setttings for cafe front v3.lbrn2 (131.9 KB)

Is this what you were trying to ‘straighten’?
I just brought it into Lightburn, selected node edit, and deleted the two random nodes that were on the bottom line and it snapped straight from the other corner.

Not sure if that helps.

Yes. That works.


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