Can you limit Fonts used in Lightburn?

ok so here’s my issue, I’ve set up a unit strictly for doing certain type of nameplates, and have to train 4 operators on it, well i need to curve back their and clients options so a few certain Fonts that work great with our product, now with out deleting the Windows Font library, might there be a way to limit just Lightburn’s font library?
i know easy way would be tell them they can only select from certain ones, been there tried that, they think they know all, so they need to be limited at what is accessible.
any help would be grateful

There is no way to limit which fonts show up in the font list at this time.

Thank you for the quick responce

I just thought, even though it’s a slightly drastic way to go, man could uninstall all unused fonts, excluding windows system fonts, directly in windows. (if each laser has its own PC)
It takes time, but if it is very important it is a solution.

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maybe you can use a font manager?

I agree with Thomas Cuk. There is a way, but you have to manage it. You can either delete fonts (be careful some fonts may be required (make a backup copy of your font folder in case you need it). But I would start with a font manager, remove all except for what you want your helpers to have and then if you need another, the font mgr can help you temp put them back in.

Not an endorsement, just an example: Best free Font Manager software for Windows 11/10 (

You could duplicate the fonts you want to use, rename the duplicates so that they appear at the top of the font list and tell your operators they can only use these that appear first in the list.

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