Can you turn air assist on mid job?

I started a job and realized my air assist is not on and would like to turn it on. Any help is appreciated.

You can do it manually. Go to the console window and send “M8” as command. You can then turn it off by sending M9.
If you use that often, you can create macro buttons for this.

I tried that but it didnt turn it on

Does it need to be typed in parentheses or quotes?

You can try M7 also, check your device settings. No quotes/paranthesis.

Thanks yeah its m8 its just not turning it on.

You may need to update your laser’s firmware, I found this little tidbit:

I thought they were asking Can you turn air assist on mid job

As far as I knew, you can’t enter a console command while it’s executing a job.


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I was thank you. I did not know that. So would have to stop job and restart after turning air assist on? Because I tried to pause and do it but obviously did not work.

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