Cancel Ortur 7 watt laser head to return home

I’m a wood turner and I’ve made a 3.5” deep wood bowl. Because my Ortur 7 watt laser burns best at 53mm I don’t want the laser head to return to home position because it will hit the bowl inside. Is there some way I can override the “return home”? Just need the head to remain where the burn ends. Any ideas?

As a quick thought, why don’ t you change the present Homing position?

In Edit > Device Settings - turn off the ‘Return to Finish Position’ toggle:


Oh wow! Didn’t know I could do that. I’ll give it a try :blush:

Also, isn’t true that it doesn’t return to home if you’re using Current Position? (maybe it returns to current position)

If I was burning an image inside or on a specific object, I’d use that mode just for ease of positioning (and use center of as the reference point).

It returns to the starting point of the job when in Current Position mode (it has to for repeatability, in case you need to run another pass).

Right, so that would meet OP’s needs. The Laser head wouldn’t traverse outside of his ‘Frame’.

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