Cannot connect my laser

Hey there. I am brand new to this software and laser engravers. I just bought an Emblaser 2 second hand and i followed all the instructions to connect it to the software and it just wont do it. I have used the key that came with it but I am thinking I actually have to purchase this software. Thats ok but I dont know how to do that as the software opens. Please Help.

If you have the key that came with it, that should work. When you say, “I tried to connect but it just won’t do it”, can you elaborate? When you set it up, did you choose the Emblaser 2 device? (did you get that option?)

Do you see any information in the console window at all?

Hey Oz. Thanks for the reply. It seems I have to purchase the software from darkly labs for the Emblaser. I think the old key I used was done. I am doing that today, so we will see what happens :grin:

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