Cannot download software package


I just wanted to give LightBurn a try but the download is incredibly slow: currently it comes with a speed of about 300 B/sec (yes, bytes per second!) So…is there some other download mirror available where one can get this software?


I saw one other person mention that but I just downloaded the Windows version from here which is 42MB in under 5 seconds.
My guess is that it was a transient issue with the file host.
And no, we do not have any mirrors for download - the download host we do use is heavily federated around the world (meaning there’s always a local server to you with the data) so it shouldn’t be an issue.
Please try again and report back.

That’s the link I’m using and it is still incredibly slow (tried this right now again)

Then it may just be an issue in your geographic area. Though I’m not seeing any service alerts on the download host’s status page.

10 MBytes after more than 8 hours download time…I give up :frowning:

Where are you located?
Have you tried from a different computer?

Looks like Germany. We may have to find a hosting solution that works everywhere, and relatively quickly - Github doesn’t seem to be handling this well.

@LightBurn - I’ll look into mirroring options.

Yes it is Germany. And I tried different computers as well as reconnecting to the internet (to get an other IP).

OK, it works now! :slight_smile:

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