Cannot finish a cut file

I’m fed up. K40 with mini gerbil board from awesometech. I was always able to engrave but I want to cut. I can cut a square if I create it in lightburn but anything I import will not cut. I just get error messages after it cuts for a few seconds. Different errors, not always the same. Ive changed my powersupply and cords. Went over settings. Tweaked things. No imported svgs or dxf files will finish a cut. Is it the board?? Should I bite the bullet and get a cohesion? Im ready to quit. I wanted to do photos and they are ok but if i cant cut im done. Thanks if someone can help

Hi Tim, try showing a small file you can’t cut and your $$ output will also help identify your problem. But the most important thing is probably the error message itself.
Tim it will help complete your profile with all relevant machine data, for example grbl version, comuter os, etc.

If you can’t cut, but you can engrave, that suggests that the issue is related to the amount of power being pulled. Engraving uses much less power than cutting, so you might have an electrical noise issue, grounding loop, or possibly even a brown-out happening if there is too much all plugged into the same power outlet. Do you have everything for the laser connected to a single power strip? Is the board and high-voltage power supply all grounded?

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