Cannot Frame with ruida 5121

I have a Chinese 60w (asc365) that came with a ruida 5121. All functions seem to work except frame and home. Any ideas/comments?

I have one here - I’ll set it up and see if I can reproduce this.

Great thank you. I have talked to a couple other guys who have the same unit and they are experiencing this issue as well.

What firmware do you see on screen? Mine is V13-01-02, and works exactly as expected.


Basically I can move up, down , left and right. Home, frame or go to origin do not work.

Do those same functions work as expected with RDWorks?

Basically I can move up, down , left and right. Home, frame or go to origin do not work.

Never tried - used LB from day 1.

I’ve found several different firmware versions for this controller. I’ll play with it and see if I can figure out what’s going on.

Thank you so much. Much appreciated.

Any chance you can send me that firmware to try?

Hi @ all,

I also have the problem that I can not move to positions in LightBurn with the Ruida 5121. It also does not start the Home function.
My firmware version is V13.01.06.
Can someone tell me with which firmware these functions are supported? Unfortunately I can’t find any download options to test different versions myself. If there is a working one I would be very happy about a link or an email with attachment.

Greetings Udo


Hello OZ,
you wrote that you found several versions for the RD5121. I have bought another controller which has the version V13-01-09
installed. But unfortunately, you can not drive home or move to saved positions.
That would be a very important function.
I also do not know how I can set RDWorks zero points. With the larger controllers, this works perfectly. The RD5121 reads the current position, shows this also with the cross on the drawing area. But there is simply no movement started when he should move to a new coordinate by automatic. Possibly there is still a solution for it.
I would like to try the version V13-01-02 described in the Thread to see if it really works.
On Facebook in the RDWorks forum they don’t talk to me because I mentioned Lightburn. How arrogant.

Best Udo

The jogging not working is at least consistent - the framing function used by LightBurn uses the move commands, so if it’s not doing the frame, it makes sense that it would also not jog.

Mine has firmware V13.01.02, and framing and jogging both work.

I’ll ask Ruida if they can get me that version as a file so I can revert if I want to - I have three others here to try, but I want to make sure I can get mine back if they don’t work.


i jump into that discussion because i got this we my FabCore with Ruida5121 V13-01-09 and most functions are not well communicated between BigSur and controller.
what works well:
→ connection between Laser and controller is given
→ moving axes by LightBurn works well
→ start an Initial laser job works well
→ changing device settings e.g. offset adjustments works well

what does not work:
→ jobs in memory are visible, they can be deleted by Lightburn but no new job can not be uploaded by Lightburn to memory
→ framing, homing and most of buttons do not work
→ after a job is started i can not restart the job, feedback from Lightburn is that the controller is busy, but there is no message or anything else on the device…BUT the job runs on the controller by counting the time without any processing or lasering

Is there any processing or something new on that issue??
regards Thorsten

This is fixed for the next release.

Ruida confirmed that 13.01.02 is one of the only versions that handles the “Move XY immediate” command, and that most other versions only handle “Move X” and “Move Y” commands. Firmware version 13.01.11 and up will include the “Move XY” command again.

The next release of LightBurn will detect which firmware version you have and choose the appropriate commands based on the ability of the hardware.

The other issues you are having are because of Big Sur. Try this version:

Report back if it is working or not working for you please.

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Oz, thx a lot for really fast response. I installed the version of your link and first test on FabCore shows that everything is now working as expected…great!!!
I will do in the next days some more tests and will FabCore run…if something pops up or looks strange i will let you know…

So looks like the new upgrade has fixed this problem Oz. Thanks!

The 13.01.11 firmware will add the ability to do a coordinated X/Y move, and LightBurn will detect and use it if the command is available. On other systems it will just do an X move then a Y move, so it might look a little funky when using ‘O-Frame’, but it works.