Cannot Get My Laser to Burn Wood Even At 100% power and 100mm/m, Please Help!

Here’s the info dump:
I am using a Universal Engraver 3000mW blue CNC engraver. The instructions are chinese and some very broken english.
Currently I am using Lightburn 0.9.20 and I’m on GRBL 1.1h. I believe I am using a COM5 controller, but I will attach a picture.
When I type $$ in the console here is what I get:

I have tried very hard to solve this issue without making my own post, so I’ve messed with many settings to varying degrees of success. I should note that I have gotten decent looking burns in the past on certain settings, but the speed was always under 100mm/m and the power was at 100%. Some burns take 16 hours or more, and they don’t look perfect. Now it isn’t working at all.

The laser controls fine and outlines the area I want, it just simply isn’t burning wood at 100% power and at 100mm/m. Going slower is not the solution I think, I must be doing something wrong. If any other information is required I am more than happy to provide it.

(I know I’m double posting in 2 different categories and that’s a horrible thing to do, but I thought I would post in a different area and at a different time since I have not gotten any replies on the other one and this is an urgent issue)

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