Cannot get program to recognize height of text in project

Hi - I cannot get my laser to recognize the correct height of my text in my project. It recognizes the correct length - just not the height. It wants to burn everything at 1". I have tried starting new projects and it does the same for all. I have tried restarting machine, unplugging machine and restarting Lightburn - nothing is working!! Please help!!

Our crystal ball is broken. We cannot see what you are working with. Most likely it is something easy to address, but the program is WAAAAY to powerful for the forum to go over everything your issue COULD be.

Help us out, amiga. Post an example of your work, and show us your results. Upload your project file and give us some more information. There are 1000’s of combinations of machines, computers, drivers and setttings. Without something to work with, we will just be guessing what YOUR individual problem is,

This is the project I am working on. Sorry - I am definitely a newbie at this. I can get it to recognize the correct size of “EAT PIZZA” and “work hard”, but it will not recognize the correct size settings for “be nice”.
Pizza Board.lbrn2 (63.8 KB)

Welcome @EmilyMartin! Looking at your file, I note the “text” for “work hard” and “be nice” have been converted to shapes / paths and no longer retains the attributes of text, such as changing the font used along with the rest of the text properties.

If you select one of these objects, then right-click to expose the menu and choose ‘Convert to Text’, this will return the text properties, allowing sizing, font selection and the other text properties to appear again.

Thanks, Rick! Problem solved!!

Awesome! Thanks for clicking ‘Solved’. Really helps others looking for similar solutions. :slight_smile:

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