Cannot get the art library tab to show up

I’m not sure if it’s a bug in the new version but I cannot get the art library tab to show up, every time I try to click where the checkbox is (like for every other option)

it just opens the art library and doesn’t give me the tab. It’s like the checkbox function is gone for that selection.

Perhaps try resetting windows with Window->Reset to Default Layout or holding Shift while starting the application.

I finally figured it out by watching a video generally showing how to make your own Art Libraries, you have to open Art Library and then drag it over to the pane with the tabs until the pane turns blue then the tab shows up.

Glad you sorted it out. But the checkmark should appear for the Art Library window whether docked or popped-out, as long as the window is active. Maybe I misunderstood but thought you meant that the Window menu would never indicate the Art Library as being active.

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