Cannot laser cut card stock finished with dispersion varnish?!

I received a bunch of 400 g card stock which is matte finished with dispersion varnish… Great material - immediately tried to cut but astonishingly it does next to nothing!!!
I checkt the focus, reduced speed, upped the power, tried many go’s.
The dispersion finish seems to protect this material from even the harshest laser attacks…!
Any idea what to try? I really like the material and it would be optimal for my project…
Thanks and Merry Christmas

The laser will not damage something if the material ‘reflects’ or passes the emissions through it.

The only other thing that can happen, is that the material can conduct the heat created by the laser away from the ‘spot’ faster than the laser can heat the material. I doubt this is the problem.

If you can set it in one place and burn through it, it’s not absorbing the beam, that’s probably the issue.

If your laser won’t cut it, you may have to try scissors. :crazy_face:

Good luck


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