Cannot maintain wifi connection to LS-1630

I set-up my Boss LS-1630 yesterday evening and successfully connected Lightburn to the machine using the TP Link router included with the Boss. I was able to send one file to the laser from my laptop, but since then I’ve been getting the “There was a problem sending to the laser. Machine may be busy or paused” error message. I did notice that my laptop’s IP address changed, and I’ve since tried (in vain) to enter new addresses in the Boss controller that are the same except for that one different digit. Nothing seems to be working. I can’t seem to find any similar topics in the search, so asking here.

Have you reached out to the nice folks at Boss to help solve this hardware configuration issue, by chance?

Hi Rick, I approached this as more a software/communication issue rather than the hardware in the Boss, but I can certainly give them a call.

I understand. Boss Laser is a reseller/integrator of LightBurn with their laser systems. They have integrated LightBurn into their solution and designed the different configuration options for setting up their gear. They are responsible for this part of the relationship, the initial configuration setup. They are the best resource for their gear.

They should be able to get you set up and configured correctly, so I suggest that first. We are here to help as well, so please let us know how you get on. Together, we will get this sorted.

It wont matter that your laptops IP has changed. The config in LB for the machines IP must match what the machine thinks.
I typically get the problem message if the machine is (1) ‘busy’ either i’ve paused a job (Hit Stop, ESC), it’s (2) truly busy (moving about and such) or the (3) machine is unreachable.

If it’s not 1, or 2. Then I would try to ping the laser from your laptop to ensure the IP that the laser knows is working for you. If you don’t get a ping reply I’d power cycle the laser and confirm the network settings on the laser. If everything looks right and you still cant connect/ping than I’d start looking at how your network is set up.

Turns out it was very simple. I did not clue into the fact that I needed to have my laptop on the Boss machine’s TP Link network. I had thought it was a one-time linking of my home network into the Boss through the TP Link, but that’s not the case. I needed to switch from my home network to the TP Link in order to send over a file or command from Lightburn. Pretty straight forward and quickly and well-explained by Boss’ tech support.

Great! Glad to see you got this sorted. :slight_smile:

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