Cannot Navigate to Art Library


I have set up my art library in C:\users\Ged\Desktop\Lightburn\Lightburn Art When I try to navigate to my art library the window opens as below but I cannot navigate to the folder I’m stuck at the desk top.

What am I doing wrong


Can you take a screenshot of your art library in Windows file Explorer?

Yes please see below

That seems to be a different directory, “Ged” vs “Gerard - Personal”.

It appears your Desktop has been re-directed to your OneDrive account. The path shown in the screen shot from Lighburn is a local directory/folder.

Thank you very much for your help and advice

Thank you very much for your help

How do I get lightburn to save the correct directory in the pop up window

In your particular case:

  1. Confirm what directory you actually want the art library files to be stored
  2. Move your art library to that location
  3. When "Load"ing the art library in LightBurn navigate to the location of the art library. Note that you can use the highlighted navigation controls here to help you get around:

Thank you, I think I now have a solution.

I was concerned that I have seen other videos talking about libraries and these have been able to search their PC and network, like you would normally if viewing in Windows.

Thank you again for taking the time out to help

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