Cannot purchase a license to use the program, the trial period is expiring

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I apologize to Everyone in advance if I wrote the wrong way =)

My question is as follows: I am from Russia, I have a Two Trees TT-5.5 laser machine, I started using it with a trial version of the software, the deadline will expire the other day. I went to the official website, I wanted to purchase a license, but I get an error when paying - incorrect card details. MasterCard card, the validity period has not expired, I enter all the data correctly. Maybe the problem is that I’m from Russia? Please help me :sob: :sob: :sob: ! Email address:

I’m not certain if this is the issue but I do know that Mastercard suspended processing services to Mastercard cards issued from Russian banks. So if you’re on a Russian bank this is likely the reason. Are you able to use the card elsewhere?

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к большому сожалению, нет. так же не смог воспользоваться qiwi. bad bad bad

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