Cannot use the radius corner tool

I’m in the early learning stages of figuring out LightBurn. I was watching Louisiana Hobby Guy’s “LightBurn 101” video, and he was showing how to use the corner radius tool. When I went into Lightburn to try it, it didn’t work. Whereas, when he selected the rectangle, there is a small green square in one corner, and when (after selecting the corner radius tool) he hovered over a corner he had the target icon with a small double sided arrow between two adjacent points. When I did the same thing, there was no green square on a corner, and when I hovered over a corner I have a target icon with red arrows going left and right. When I click on the corner nothing happens. I made the rectangle, which is 6" x 5", with the rectangle tool. I’m sure that I probably just need to change a setting to fix this, I just don’t know which settings to change.

You have to select your rectangle, then select the radius tool.

Once you create your rectangle, I believe you need to “convert to path”. Then, while node editing, you can put a radius on any of the corners. (This is how I do it. If there is an easier way, I’m open to hearing it.)

That’s what I did, but it didn’t work.

I tried to convert it to path, but the result is the same.

the red arrows mean the corner radius is too big for the corner,

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THANK YOU! I was following what LA Hobby Guy had said, but thank you for clarifying that.

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