Can't apply a mask!

I am having trouble applying a mask to a piece of artwork. I have applied a tool layer to the area I want to mask but when I attempt to apply the mask on a Mac computer the area is grayed out. I have read the other posts regarding this problem but I still can’t get it to work. What am I doing wrong? I have attached a screen shot of the problem. I am using Lightburn version 1.1.03 on a Mac computer that is running MacOS Catalina version 10.15.7

Is the line layer grouped with the image?

Thank you for posting. It’s a bit difficult to tell from the image posted, but do you have both the image and the ‘mask cutter’ shape selected? The thing you want to mask and the shape used to set the masking have to both be selected to activate this option.

Additionally, as @micrololin suggests, make sure the mask cutter and image you intend to mask are not grouped together. :slight_smile:

That was the problem. Thanks for your help. Works great now.

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