Can't break apart a shape


I’m trying to break apart where the red line is.
I put the red line in and drew it outside the shape and trimmed with the T node tool.
Can’t get the Break Apart tool to do this.
Added nodes to the black line also.
I’m stuck.

Thanks in advance

Can you send that part of the file or the whole file?

It is traced.
I’m testing this to see if i will buy the design

wing.lbrn2 (42.0 KB)

wing2.lbrn2 (1.0 MB)

I don’t see the problem you describe.
The new line, where you want to cut the workpiece, is free hand drawn, then I have added extra nodes in the existing drawing, where the new line will be fitted and deleted the line on the part that is not used.
Try to see if it’s right.

I did the exact same thing on this corsair. In order to cut wings you have to make a closed box around the wing. Select each shape and use the cut feature. Took me a few tries to get the right things selected but did work.
Corsaire Break wings.lbrn2 (119.0 KB)

I think it’s a little different approach you use, I’ve separated the wing “just” manually, by adding nodes and separating the rest. In my opinion, it is in this case the fastest and easy to do.

I liked this one, nice.
But i must figure out what i’m missing about breaking this thing apart

That’s correct.

Here’s what i do.
Open file
Draw a straight line across the wing
Insert nodes on the straight line, red one and shape it
Select the wing and insert nodes
Select the red line and connect the nodes
They snap in place and turn green. It is still 2 nodes there, should there be only one after they snap. Or am i also missing something here
Shall I use break apart tool now, or is this the point where i’m also missing something?
I’ve seen and tried the tool Auto-Join selected shapes, but it is grey. Isn’t the line a shape?

Would like to be able to to this.
Nice to make some big projects i think

Thanks in advance again

Here’s the workflow I’d suggest to make this easier.

  1. Instead of creating just the existing open red line, continue beyond the existing ends of the line to create a fully closed shape. Make sure that it’s a properly closed shape. Roughly like this:
  2. Set the black layer to “Fill” instead of “Line”. By doing this, the following operations are simplified because LightBurn will generate closed shapes from the subsequent operation
  3. Select wing shape, then add the red loop to the selection. Then Tools->Cut Shapes
  4. This should leave you with two sides of the wings separated
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Tutte le strade portano a Roma :wink:

I did it like this somehow, with the red line outside. Then i can use the B tool in nodes. Don’t know what happened earlier…
Have to select black and white with ctrl to drag it of.
But the Autojoin can’t join these to parts. Why?
Then i could use Select contained shapes instead of ctrl and select 1 by 1 inside the shape.

I was inspired by this video.
Not Lightburn, but in my head this looks easier. Or is it not?

In this file I can’t auto-join shapes, why not.
Would be fantastic to be able to do that, and then use “select contained shapes”

wing test 04.lbrn2 (41.5 KB)

I think I sorted my problem.
If I select the smal piece red first it does not work.

When I select the black wing first and then the red.
Then press over where the nodes are connecting, then press B on both points, then it works.
And then I can auto-join, and Select contained shapes.

Could not find anything about which layer to select first in the documentation. Maybe I searched something wrong.

When choosing 2 layers/shapes, does ctrl and shift have the same function?

If this is the reason, would there be an idea to have this in the documentation about the layers?

Now my heart finally can rest

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