Cant close point at all

I have a shape, all one ungrouped object, that I have an opening in and get the warning its open. I found the opening as seen in the pic. I have had this issue before and could not figure it out. Usually I can just drag one node onto the other and it closes, but every now an then I have a shape that just wont do it. How do I close this shape?

lightburn 2

Actually after looking there are 2 seperate shapes. I found another opening and it actuall makes 2 complete seperate parts, yet they are not grouped and when I click on one part the other highlights also

  1. First make sure that for the 2 areas where you found a gap that you perfectly align the nodes on top of one another.
  2. One you’ve done that, select the object and then Arrange->Break apart. The result will be all the individual line segments are now separated.
  3. Select all individual parts of the shape and then Edit->Auto-join selected shapes. This should result in a closed shape. If not look for the break and try to close it. Repeat steps if it won’t close.

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