Can't conect my laser ploter with Lightburn

Welcome to all LightBurn Friends. I’d like to ask You for help with my problem.
I have laser ploter called LYNX-6050P-S. I connect this mashine to my laptop by cabel USB.
When I did it and start software LightBurn it ask me to connect with my laser ploter and unfortunately software can’t imagine this mashine to start work with it.
What should I do to change it and connect my ploter with my computer and LightBurn software.
Thank You for Your sugestions in this topic.

What is used for motion control for this unit? What firmware is used to drive the motion controller?

I’m new in laser ploter area so maybe I will not answer well for Your questions. But I think a firmware for this unit i Step2cnc. And I don’t know kind of motion controll of this unit.

I have not seen this program, and find very limited information about it from Google. The following appears to maybe be a reseller in Poland - Step 2 CNC Google Translate

And this translated forum post (finding this made me hunt even further): Google Translate

Further, I found this site, CNC yes, but for a foam cutter:

LightBurn can produce generic GCode based off the Grbl or Grbl-M3 profiles, which might work as a starting spot for testing. Without knowing more about what you are using, defined technically, I am unable to offer much more. :wink:

Rick, thank You for Your advices. This machine hasn’t many infos on the internet. I know it. It was made in Poland in 2012. I’ve found some technical points about it. You can see them below:
Working area: 600x500 mm.
Machine dimensions: 1145mm x 930mm x 550mm (height)
Weight approx: 350 kg.
CO2 laser power: 40W.
Engraving speed range: 0.1 to 30 m / min.
Head positioning accuracy: ± 0.01 mm.
Power consumption: approx. 1 kW.
Smallest letter of the alphabet to be engraved: 1x1 mm.
Accepted graphic pages: AI, EPS, PLT (HPGL), DXF, BMP, JPG and others.
Drive type: stepper motors.
Communication: USB independent driver (STEP2CNCPlayer on ARM7 with 16 Mbit internal memory)
Tapper Laser and cncCAD 1.x Laser software (both in Polish!),
Metal casing, closed with an output for the vapor suction module.
CO2 laser (glass) cooled with water in the first closed.
I’ll try to check work of ploter with those firmwares You wrote “LightBurn can produce generic GCode based off the Grbl or Grbl-M3 profiles, which might work as a starting spot for testing.”. I’ll try tomorrow. Unfortunately I have no this ploter at home, but I’ll try to check that profiles and tell You.
Really thank You that You are helping me by Your advices.

This might be worth investigating if you could successfully flash this controller with one of the supported firmware, but that is outside my area of expertise or knowledge, sorry. :slight_smile:

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