Can't connect to Fiber Galvo, possibly since upgrading to 1.3.01

I tried to use my fiber galvo after a month or so and I can’t connect to it. It is possible that I have not used it since the 1.3.01 upgrade. I have 1 CO2 profile that is the default which works fine. I have three profiles for the fiber, one for each lens that I have. When I first tried to connect it said no device found. I reinstalled the USBLMCV4 driver by removing it and then installing it using Zadig. That said it was successful and when I power the fiber laser off and on the driver appears and disappears from my device manager. After replacing the driver when I select any of my fiber profiles I still get a “No device found” error. If I use the “Devices” “Find my laser” it does find the controller and creates a new profile. When I try to connect to the new profile I also get a “No device found” error.

Any suggestion how to fix this?