Cant connect to laser

I was running Lightburn with no problems, using a CNC Pro 3018 from MYSweety which was a Desktop CNC Milling machine, but i purchased a Diode Laser module which again was working very well.

The i wanted to do some milling so swapped the laser for the CNC head and used it ok, not when i swapped the lased head back, i cant get Lightburn to find or connect to my contoller.

I have used other software, which will connect then disconnect saying no supported firmware detected (Laser Web Software), i have tried restarting my pc, disabling the usb port and re enabling it, i have tried entering a manual set up, i have tried find my laser, it wont work with my original config, which worked fine before.

i hope you can help because this software is so good and i m now really frustrated.
I did have problems getting the new cam software (ESTLCAM) to recognise the controller and i dont know if somehow this is still connected to the controller and preventing me from connecting with lightburn, the diagnostics in the console window are not very comprehensive, like some other programs, would be good if you had a more advanced / technical option for people with a bit more it knowledge.

i have uninstalled the ESTCAM software, made no difference, it is connected to the USB port, i have checked in device manager, when i unplug the usb from the controller it shows and when i plug it back in it recognises it.

Thanks for any help in advance

Fixed it myself, re installed firmware to controller board, seems like the other CAM software had corrupted the firmware, now working as normal, posted just in case anyone else had similar problems

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