Can't connect to Lightburn


I have problems connecting to my machine with Lightburn. What can I do to make fast connection? I have used Lightburn a few times but it took long to connect to my Aeon Mira 5030. Now I can’t connect at all. I am a beginner so I don’t know what I do wrong. Can someone please help. I have done an update to 9.0.9 version of Lightburn.

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You can reset the connection by Right-clicking the ‘Devices’ button at the lower-left of the ‘Laser’ window. Is this not working for you?


Two questions:

  • How are you connected? (USB, wired network, or wireless?)
  • What OS does your computer run? (Win10, MacOS, etc?)

I tried it but it doesn’t change anything…

I use windows 10 and am connected via usb

You might need a driver. When you install LightBurn, it gives you the option to install an FTDI driver used by Ruida controllers. You only need to do it once, but you might need it. Uninstall the software and install again, and check that “install FTDI” driver box when you get there. That should do it.

did that do it?

thank you all for your help, it turned out that i used the wrong usb slot, it was in the usb disc slot -.-

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