Can't connect with Ruida controller

I have a preenex 50 watt Chinese laser with a ruida dsp controller. I can’t get it to connect to light burn. I read I believe all the forum info, did the thing with the usb ports and still can’t get it to connect. On the screen it shows it is disconnected. I’ve tried entering the info manually. It seems to run fine with RD works. Any help would be appreciated.


Are you running RDWorks at the same time as LightBurn? When installing LightBurn, did you also choose to install the driver? You can also run the RDWorks installer again and choose the option there to install their driver, which sometimes helps, depending on the controller model.

You haven’t said which Ruida controller your laser uses, and there are many of them, so it’s possible it’s one I haven’t seen yet. Do you know the model number?

I just downloaded the trial version to see if my laser would run on it. I have both of the programs on my computer. I can’t find any info on the controller other than its a Ruida. Don’t really know where to look that isn’t that obvious because its nowhere I can see.


Look at the controller inside the laser for printing such as this.

Ok here is what I got

Yup, that should be dead easy. That’s the first controller we supported.

When installing LightBurn, you’re given the option to install an FTDI driver. Check that box and give it a go (you only need to do this once, not in future updates).

Thanks Oz, will give it a try


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