Can't control power on lightburn with k40 cohesion3D


I have a k40 with a cohesion3D board.

I searched in the forum and was unable to find something to help and hoping someone can help me.

I’m unable to control power in lightburn. I have 0.9.20 lightburn and the newest c3d firmware.
I set my digital control panel to 20 (no ammeter yet) and kept turning my power level down in lightburn with no change until I reach 1 which won’t even fire the laser.

Anyone able to help me?

You might have better luck on the Cohesion3D forum on this. I’ve just installed a C3D board in my K40 and I can control the laser power from LightBurn. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the hookup/config settings, so won’t be able to provide any details until tomorrow sometime.

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