Cant create a simple circle with same with and hight

Hi im new to 3D Laser and light burn.
I recently got a 6550 engraving machine handed over from a friend.
controller is CAMXTOOL 2AXIS V1.0 + a 40W China led laser.
When engraving pictures / bitmaps there’s no problem but when doing vector or just simple circle objects inside lightburn all circles gets uneven. (see picture)
I have checked belts and cleaned the synchronizing wheels.
I have tried different laser type setups.
I have calibrated the axis.
(Nb: Rotery is disabled) :smiley:

Any advice on this issue ?

Best Regards

This looks definitely mechanical. Go through these steps to check everything: Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance It’s not only the belts and wheels, there are many more parts to check.
You configured your axis to have different steps/mm, so I guess you already tried calibrating them? How did you do that?

Hi i made a square 500 x 500 measured it and added the difference under calibrate axis. First brun was 500 x 480, after calibration 500 x 500.

Worth mentioning is the error occurs in all work area.

Thanks in advance.

I will check this from the guide:
Often instabilities come from wrong parameters in the firmware. I recommend adjusting the following values (see the page about firmware on how to change parameters). Especially, the acceleration should be adjusted as shown here!

Hi it was mechanical, one belt was not centered in on the step gear.
Thanks for you advice.


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