Can't drag to select?

Hi! I’m fairly new to Lightburn and have been using it for a couple weeks. All of a sudden, I can no longer click and drag the mouse to select my objects. I have a feeling I accidently toggled some setting, but I can’t figure out what it is. Doing some searching online I figured out that if I hold the CTRL key, I can then click and drag, but without the CTRL key, it doesn’t work and instead just keeps moving my little green dot (the origin dot) around.

The same issue is happening when I just try to click on an object to select it. If I hold the CTRL key, it will select, but if I don’t, it doesn’t.

What did I mess up? :slight_smile: Thanks!

Edited to add link to a video I took of the problem. LightburnSelectIssue - YouTube

That’s… really strange. Is there any way you can take a video of you doing this?

It is strange, indeed. I’m uploading a video right now. I’ll be back to post the link.

Here is the link to the video. LightburnSelectIssue - YouTube

Just watched the video and am perplexed. Not sure what’s going on. The one thing I did notice is that your cursor went from an arrow to an X after you imported the SVG file. Is this only an issue with imports? Are you able to select objects created within LightBurn without first doing an import?

Interesting! I just tested that and if I create a new LB file, I can select things just fine. And if I open previous LB files, I can select ok. Even more weird - if I open a new file and drag in some SVGs that I’ve purchased, it works fine. So, I guess that means the problem is with the SVG file I created myself. I’ll have to go play with it and see what I did. It’s looking more and more like a user error (no surprise!) :slight_smile:

Ok, it’s definitely just with this type of file that I made. I’ve tested it too many other ways and it’s working now. I don’t have the solution yet, but I can work around it, and at least I know it’s not Lightburn now. Thanks!

Great. At least you can now work around it. I wouldn’t blame yourself necessarily though. It could very well be a bug.

What program did you create the SVG file in? Are you willing to post the file here? Perhaps the LightBurn folks could take a look at what’s going on.

Good morning Stacy, Welcome to Lightburn

I’d like a little bit more information about your system and software version.

Which operating system are you running in the Computer?
I can see my version information in Lightburn by clicking the Help button in the top bar and then the Licence Management option.

I’d like to take a look at the SVG as well if you’re interested and willing to share it.There’s an upload button that pops up when you’re composing a message on the forum and you can upload it for all to see.

If that doesn’t work for you, you can email the file (in confidence) to

Please copy the link from the address bar in your browser into the email you send so the support team can help track your request.

I’ll be following your inquiry through to resolution.

Kind regards,

It looks like there is an image layer that is massive and behind everything else. It probably tried to use too much memory and isn’t drawing, which is why everything looks like you should be able to click, but can’t.

Try this: Press Ctrl+Shift+A to frame everything in the workspace, and you’ll likely find that there’s a huge rectangle around everything (and it would normally be drawing the image in there)

Select the Image layer in the Cuts/Layers window, then click Edit > Select all layer shapes, then click the delete button (trashcan on the upper toolbar). That will remove that image and from there things will likely be normal again.

What’s happening when you try to drag-select is that you’re clicking and dragging that invisible image around. The giveaway for me was the fact that it took a really long time to load (over 7 seconds) and there’s an image layer showing, but no visible image.


Oz, YES! Thank you so much!! I still don’t know what I did to get that in there, but it’s all good now. I made the SVG file in Silhouette Studio and I must have had another shape in the background leftover. I remade it all from scratch and it’s all better. My LB file before was 50,244 kb! Now it’s 57 kb. Much better :slight_smile: Have a wonderful day!

I appreciate your offer to look at it, but Oz’s suggestion below was exactly the fix I needed, so it’s all good now. Have a great day and thank you for your help.

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