Cant even get my new Aufero LU2-2 to start, just Error 9

I’m new here. Aufero LU2-2. Laser comes with basically no info but is almost entirely put together too so its not likely I missed something building it.
Add my new laser to LightBurn, open a material test under laser tools, make almost no changes to default, click start and get Error 9
What am i missing that is probably an obvious rookie mistake
Heres literally everything from the moment i open LightBurn with my laser powered on to the end of the massive list of error 9’s (edited to reduce the massive line counts of the repititions).
Waiting for connection…
[ORIGIN: China]
[MODEL: Aufero 2 S2]
[OLF: 187]
[DATE:17:16:25 - Dec 15 2021]
Target buffer size found
Starting stream
Layer (repeated nearly 100 lines)

G-code locked out during alarm or jog state.
On or near line 0: (those three lines repeats like 33 times)
Job halted
Stream completed in 0:00
G-code locked out during alarm or jog state. (2 lines literally repeats for another 1200+ lines)

Can you push “Save gcode” in Laser window and save the gcode to a file. Add .txt to the end of the file name and upload the file here.

Would like to see what’s potentially causing this.

MaterialTest.txt (78.1 KB)
You must be better trained than I am, I’m like Neville with his remembral. I dont know what it is that i dont know

I don’t see anything fundamentally wrong from a g-code format perspective.

I do see that your speeds are absurdly high. 2 things I suggest:

  1. Change your units to mm/min in Edit->Settings
  2. Dramatically reduce speeds. Like 10x smaller.

I don’t think this would cause the issue you’re having, however.

Can you confirm if jogging controls work correctly? How about framing?

Outside of the error messages, what physically happens with the machine when you attempt to burn?

The Aufero 2 has a firmware setting that causes it to start in an alarm state after a cold reset, which could be causing your issue.

You can enter $X to unlock it, and $64=0 to turn off this firmware setting.

Good call out. You can similarly use the Stop button to unlock if this is indeed the cause of the problem.

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